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Vital statistics
Name Antonio
Species Bowl
Gender Male
Occupation Seduction
Status Alive
First Appearance The Bowl
Last Appearance The Bowl

"I'm going to rock your world"- Antonio

Antonio is a sensuous latino who occupies an enchanted bowl, seducing all who gaze into it. 


The Bowl was given to Robert by a deranged man who claimed the bowl took everything from him.  Antonio presented himself shortly after and proceded to dazzle Robert with the glory of his gyrating body. Immediately captivated, Robert began disregarding his friend, Jason, so he could spend more time with Antonio. 

Powers & Abillities

Omni-Negation:Antonio appears to exist outside of Reality, meaning he cannot be harmed in any way, shape or form, yet he also can't physically interact with beings in reality.

Charm: A rather odd ability, is his ability to seduce anyone that gazes at him.


  • The Bowl