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The Boogie Monster
Boogie Monster.png
Vital statistics
Name Unknown
Species Klayman
Gender Male
Occupation None
Status Alive
First Appearance Kolors of Klay City
Last Appearance Boogie Monster 2

Its not a monster and its not a Boogie man. Its a Boogie Monster!

The Boogie Monster is a massive, unintelligent beast that haunts the people of Klayworld.


When the Boogie Monster roars it sounds like a telephone. It also has three sharp tails that can (and has) cut clear through a Klayman. Although rumored to have died a million years ago, the Boogie Monster appeared in modern day Klayworld and brutally murdered three people. A team of klaymen decided to kill the boogie monster themselves, but due to poor performance, the Boogie Monster got off scot free.


Height: 11 Inches

Weight: 290 Grams



  • The Boogie Monster was originally going to be in Klay World : All Gone. Chip and the others would've brought the Boogie Monster to the new table instead of the truck. However, he was scrapped because the model was no longer able to be animated.