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Little was revealed about Captain Apple Man in his single appearance. He was a green apple with a crude face drawn in sharpie over its surface and limbs pinned into it. Robert sings of him as if a heroic figure though the only action he ever takes is punching a stuffed dog and shooting a Venom figure in the head.&nbsp He was ultimately eaten by Robert Benfer.

That being said he has proven to be a capable fighter, having taken out a rouge Venom with nothing but a handgun.


Height: 2 Inches

Weight: 116.2 grams

Powers & Abilities

Peak Human Strength: He lifted and overpowered a stuffed dog, much larger than himself. He had no difficulty in dispatching it and leaving it unconcious.

Peak Human Speed: He was able to travel at incredible speeds, easily clearing the gap between him and most of his foes.

Handgun: The hand-gun dispatched a Venom action figure in a single shot. In the comics owned by Marvel, Venom is incredibly durable and nearly intangible. the hand-gun here is evidently very potent.