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Charlie in the VCR.png

Charlie is a Klayman who climbed into a VCR so he would be on TV. While trying to enter, he got stuck half-in the video slot.


Height: 5 Inches

Weight: 113.4 grams


After climbing into the VCR, Charlie realized he was stuck. He caught the attention of one klayman but there was nothing he could do alone to rescue Charlie. As the stranger spoke to various other klaymen for help, Charlie gradually crawled further into the VCR to the point that he was completely inside. The klayman trying to help him gave up, and lied to Charlie in telling him he was on the TV. Charlie began to announce his program, Charlie TV, and started to perform a magic trick, before a human inserted a VHS tape, crushing him to death.

He could of survived the crushing, but starvation (if klaymen need to eat) could of lead to his death.


  • Klay World: Help im stuck!