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Connor Lloyd Crews
Connor Llyod Crews.png
Vital statistics
Name Connor Lloyd Crews
Born n/a
Gender Male
Occupation Actor
Status Active

Connor Lloyd Crews is the keyboard player for Robert Benfer's talk show Benfer Time with Robert Benfer. He remains largely silent throughout these shows, unless spoken to directly and is rarely seen without a cigarette.

In the second episode of Benfer time he joined Robert and Sammie in the Belly Button Game. The game marked a rare moment of enthusiasm for the usually apathetic character and he was visibly disappointed when Sammie ruined it. 

Fictional biography

He performs hip hop under the pseudonom Fuck Mulligan


  • "Thats a no-go" (Benfer Time: Best Friends Quiz)


  • Business Dinner
  • Benfer Time Episode 1: Make over
  • Benfer Time Episode 2: Belly Button Game
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  • Benfer Time Episode 4: Jason Steele
  • Jeremy the Pick Up Artist Episode 2
  • Plastic Serjery
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  • Job Interview
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  • Benfer Time Episode 7: Interactive Episode
  • First Kiss: Part I
  • First Kiss: Part II
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