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The Dancer
Vital statistics
Name Real Name Unknown
Species Klaymen
Gender Male
Occupation Dancer
Status Deceased
First Appearance Klay World: Off the Table
Last Appearance

The Dancer was a Klayman, and was one of the characters who only appeared in off the table.


The Dancer was probably in the crowd when Mr. Black gave his speech. When Marv announced they had done everything for nothing, he sighed and said "Everthings back to normal. Lets dance!" His dance was taking three steps to each side and saying "nehnep" with each step and when he got to the midde he said" nehnep nehpneh!" In the chaos Dr. Bob, Rick and himself hid in a pair of pants. He then mumbled about how he was going to die. After rick was grabbed out of the pants, him and Dr. Bob went to the chair where Vince, Long arms, Axe, and other klaymen were hiding. They then take down an alien on the ground and take his gun. After a little battle where 1 has died on both sides, King Womp comes in and says they have nothing else to live for. A klayman says that they don't want to be under alien control but is quickly sillenced by an alien. The Dancer who is on top of the TV throws a spear with a rope on it through the dragon alien and zip lines down. He lands infront of the alien and says he was just messing around. The alien walks forward but the other end of the zip line was attached to a VHS tape that falls and knocks the alien off the table. The Dancer then does his dance. King Womp says he can't belive he is losing to this and chases the Dancer. He gets trapped in a corner and threatenes King Womp with a pencil. King Womp breaks the pencil and picks up the Dancer. The rest of the nameless klaymen are killed and all aliens except for King Womp. The Dancer is thrown at the other klaymen. King Womp slashes Dr.Bob and Axe and pushes Vince and Long Arms down. The Dancer is the only klayman left standing and King Womp slashes the Dancer in half.


Height: 4 Inches

Weight: 113.4 grams