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The Dilly Dally Ghost is a supernatural entity that wanders the forests of Klay World, searching for Dilly Dalliers to punish.


It is said that if you dilly dally at night the Dilly Dally Ghost with come and punch you in the noggin. When the ghost learned three campers were dilly dallying, he arrived and destroyed Mother Nature. He then proceded to throw a tree through the head of one of the Klaymen, killing him. He then warned the other two campers they were about to get "the fist". Before he could carry this out, Miles, one of the campers, told him a robot/centipede related joke. The ghost, without laughing at all, claimed it was the funniest thing he had ever heard. The ghost then comitted suicide with a handgun. The Dilly Dally Ghost is also the only white Klayman.


Height: 7 Inches

Weight: 118.3 grams


  • Klay World: Klay Kamping