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Drawing With Robert is the name of a three-part series of shorts wherin Robert Benfer instucts the viewer in the art of illustration.


Drawing With Robert


Lesson: Elephants

Technique: The most important parts of the elephant are the feet so they're always the best place to start. Other features that deserve attention are the tails, back/tail spikes and wings. The elephant has two feathered wings on either side of its torso. Also they have long trunks and many sharp teeth. Being nocturnal creatures, the elephant must be portrayed in a dark setting.

As a side note, the more lines that follow your drawing's subject, the faster its going.

Drawing With Robert 2


Lesson: Kangaroos

Technique: Start by giving the kangaroo the most known feature, messed up hair as they never get good haircuts. Give the Kangaroo a very long face and a large over-bite is optional. Kangaroos are always "dressed to kill", Pinstrip Tuxedos are required to be drawn onto the Kangaroo, otherwise the Kangaroo might look really angry and start drinking a lot of water. They're also compulsive dancers, so draw the Kangaroo moving it's legs in a dancing motion. Their hands are supposed to be contorted to emphasize their obnoxious behaviour.

Side Note: They also attract bees, so the Kangaroo should be surrounded by bees

Drawing With Robert 3

Red deer.png

Lesson: Red deer