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Fish Stick Sandwich Burrito
Video no. N/A
Fish Stick Sandwich Burrito.png
Air date April 21, 2011
Written by Robert Benfer
Storyboard by Robert Benfer
Directed by Robert Benfer
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Fish Stick Sandwich Burrito is a music video uploaded by KnoxsKorner1 on April 21, 2011


Wake up!
Eat some coffee
Put some fish sticks in the toaster
Then I do my exercises
Then I eat my fish stick sandwich burrito
(Fish stick..Fish stick sandwich..Fish stick sandwich burrito)
I eat healthily
I exersize regularly
I do head lifts, head downs, arm wiggles, I'm having a brain anurism.
(Fish stick..Fish stick sandwich..Fish stick sandwich burrito.)
Put the fish sticks, in the toaster
Toasting them up, taking them out
Put on some bread, fish stick sandwich
Put it into a tortilla
Add some mustard, lots of pickles
Nacho cheese, and some Fruit Rollups
Roll it up, and there you go
Fish stick sandwich, burrito
(Fish stick...Fish stick sandwich...Fish stick sandwich burrito.)


  • This video caught the attention of internet-based talk show, NSFW, and he was asked to be their guest. In this episode the hosts, as well as four filmed viewers, had to create and eat robert's fish stick sandwish burrito. As they ate Robert personally sang the song. This is also Robert's most popular non-Klay World video.