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Frankie the Lankie is a Klayman During a nerf gun fight his friend, Craig, was stabbed to death by the killer known


as The Rodent. As the only person to actually witness a Rodent killing a live he was asked to speak before the people of Klay World and provide information for his capture. Marv asked him what he saw. Frankie then told him a long story about getting shot in the face with a nerf gun and after 2 boring minutes he said someone was stabbing Craig. Marv flipped out and said that he couldn't provide a detail about The Rodent. The only detail he was able to recall was that the murderer had purple hair. Dr. Bob then pushed him from the podium. He did not get up or even move afterwords and in the end had to be dragged from the scene, possibly implying that he broke his neck.


Height: 5 Inches

Weight: 113.4 grams


  • The Rodent Part 1