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Giant Klayman
Giant Klayman.png
Vital statistics
Name N/A
Species Klayman
Gender Male
Occupation Murderer
Status Deceased (Presumably Rebuilt)
First Appearance Klay World: Giant Klayman
Last Appearance Klay World: All Gone

The Giant Klayman is a Klayman that stands slighly more than twice the size of the standard Klayman.


Klay World: Giant Klayman

He was created through unknown means by another Klayman. One Klayman attempted to stop his rampage by shooting him three times (twice in the chest and once in the face), but he was unharmed by his wounds and subsequently killed the gunman.

At the end of the short, he is stopped by a corn dog, only to kill the Klayman who gave it to him in the first place as the short ended.

Klay World: Jet Pack

He returned briefly at the end of the episode 'Klay World: Jet Pack', to spontaneously murder a couple of Klaymen.

Klay World: Pancake Mines 2

He also returned in 'Klay World: Pancake Mines 2', when a Klayman asked him to throw him across the field of pancake mines. Although he did so, he threw him into another Klayman, triggering the mines and causing a massive explosion. He appears again shortly after, ripping the last remaining Klayman in half. 

Klay World: All Gone

The Giant Klayman returned for Klay World: All Gone. He attacked in the middle of the battle, and got shot many times by a Klayman with a submachine gun. He was ultimately killed by Chip, Rick the Prick, and Pick when they drove the truck into him, slamming the Giant Klayman off the table, where he falls to his death.


Height: 8 Inches

Weight: 425.2 grams


Durability: He generally shrugged off semi-automatic fire, and it did little more than graze and anger him, a small handgun can barely even phase him.

Strength: Easily the physically-strongest character, the Giant Klayman is capable of effortlessly tearing Klaymen apart and throwing them across the table. He was even able to throw corpses with enough force that they caused Klaymen to explode into blood and viscera upon impact.