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Vital statistics
Name Jason
Species Klaymen
Gender Male
Occupation Unknown
Status Alive
First Appearance Klay World: Trapper
Last Appearance Klay World: Trapper

Jason is a Klayman in Klay World. He is named after Jason Steele, according to the commentary track.


Klay World: Trapper


Jason first and only appeared in this episode. He was doing the Trapper a favor by going to find something but it was actually a trap, and the object bit Jason's left hand off. After he came back and told the trapper that it bit his hand off, the trapper told him he sets traps because he doesn't have much of a life. Jason then tells the trapper to teach him the ways of trapping. He then helps the trapper kill 3 klaymen through various traps, including falling life-sized coffee mugs, rope traps, and a gun planted in a book, and after each death the trapper would do a dance and scat a tune. Jason asked if they could do something else and the trapper said yes. After the trapper got bored, he tried to get Jason to step on a red "X" that he had put down as a trap. When Jason realized it was a trap, he refused. When Jason pointed out the life-sized BB gun aiming straight above the "X", the trapper claimed it fell out of his pocket, then tackled Jason. Jason fell back onto the "X", triggering the trap and shooting the trapper in the face. The Trapper then started dancing and died.

Extended Version

Hot dog bite.png

Jason was telling another klayman the story of the trapper, the klayman suggested that he take the bandage off. When he did, the wound had grown into the face of the living hotdog from "Hotdog job". It took over Jason's body and attacked the klayman to eat his toes.


Height: 5 Inches

Weight: 113.4 grams


  • Klay World: Trapper
  • Klay World: Trapper EXTENDED