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The Karate Master
Vital statistics
Name Unknown
Species Klayman
Gender Male
Occupation Student
Status Deceased
First Appearance Klay World: Karate Master
Last Appearance Klay World: Karate Master

The Karate Master is a klayman who has earned a blackbelt in karate. After The Karate Teacher told him his training was complete & he was now a master of karate, he warned him that he now had a great responability to use his skills ethically. The Master responded by punching his head, cutting him off in mid-sentence. Thus began his rampage through Klay World. He managed to beat six bystanders to death with his karate including The Salad Monster & his friend until The Red Master challenged him. In his final battle he launched himself at his opponent, tearing both of their bodies apart on impact. He is known to have killed seven people.


Klay World: Karate Master


Height: 5 Inches

Weight: 113.4 grams


Strength: The Karate Master was capable of splitting Klaymen to bloody chunks with punches, cutting a board and a Klayman in half with his arm and casually lifted and threw multiple Klaymen a good distance.

Speed: The Karate Master was also capable of blitzing forward at immense speeds, combined with his strength he splattered other Klaymen with little difficulty.