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Klay World: Boogie Monster

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Directed By:
Robert Benfer
Release Date:
June 4, 2004
3 Minutes, 58 Seconds
Previous Episode:
Klay World: Glass Of Water
Next Episode:
Klay World: Sniper Time

Klay World: Boogie Monster is the 3rd episode of Klay World Series season one. An unreleased sequel was included in the Klay World Series 2006 DVD.


The episode begins with several klaymen talking about a monster who eats people. The Boogie Monster is described as possessing a roar that sounds like a telephone. After the Monster is said to have died long ago, a klayman shows up to warn the klaymen about the Boogie Monster's presence. One of the klayman makes a joke out of the roar and - despite being warned by one of the klaymen - is killed by its tail. A friend of the murdered klayman confronts the monster, making some foolish threats. After threatening the monster multiple times, one of the klaymen leaves. The warning klayman reappears after getting a hot dog and falls down. The monster then kills the threatening klayman. The episodes ends with the monster killing the hot-dog klayman by stomping on his head.


Unreleased Sequel

In 2004 Robert Benfer created a sequel to Boogie Monster, though he never uploaded it to the internet. It was included on the 2006 Klay World Series DVD and the 2011 Klay World Series: Volume 2 Limited Edition.


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