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Klay World: Bungee Jumping Time


Directed By:
Robert Benfer
Release Date:
November 26, 2005
Run time:
3 minutes, 14 seconds
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Bungee Jumping Time was the 17th episode in Klay World Season 1.


The episode followed four klaymen on top of a tv. Each of them had white ropes tied to their ankles. One klayman is assumed to be the instructer and tells them that they're all going to jump three times. However, when the instructer  jumps, he is killed by slamming into the tv and being broken in half. The next two jumpers are killed in similar matters.

The last klayman had no intention of jumping, but was pushed off when an unusually clingy klayman tries to hug him and they both fall off. Bizzarly, the two are somehow transported out of the building and thrown out the door.


Klayman 1: What's Bunjee Jumping?

Instructor: It's where you jump off of something really high, and the rope does the rest!

K 1: That sounds so crazy... I'm gonna do it twice.

I: Good, cause you're all going three times.

Last Klayman: Who came up with this? You jump off a cliff with a rope attached to your leg? That's like hanging yourself, but in reverse!