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Klay World: Dr. Bob Saves The Day 3

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Directed By:
Robert Benfer
Release Date:
January 3, 2013
2 Minutes, 43 Seconds
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Klay World: Dr. Bob Saves The Day 3 is the final Klay World episode released before the release of Klay World: All Gone.


The episode began with Henry and three of his friends together on The Table. They were celebrating the fact that Henry had given up his shotgun. Unfortunately, one of his friends decided to give him a gift, a fully automatic machine gun. An ensuing struggle resulted in two of his friends dying and Henry getting the top of his head shot off.

Henry's friend sees Dr. Bob kill two patients and asks him to help save Henry's life. However, Dr. Bob was growing wearing of doctoring, Dr. Bob decided to retire. He dropped his lab coat to the ground and walked off into the distance.


Henry's Friend #1: Mark! Why would you get him that?

Mark: Uh... It was last minute.

Henry: What am I doing? What am I doing? What am I doing...

Henry's Friend #1: Uh, my arm hangin' off.

Henry's Friend #2: Uh, my friend here was being a bozo. He was, uh, rough housing with a machine gun.


  • Henry's Friend #1
  • Mark
  • Dr.Bob's Patient #1
  • Dr.Bob's Patient #2


  1. The arm of the burgler from "Klay World: Bank Robbery" and "Klay World: Green and Red" can be seen in the background.
  2. The main character is Henry from "Klay World: Henry's Shotgun"
  3. Dr.Bob's second patient's ailment, a piece of boligna in his throat, is a call back from "Klay World: Dr.Bob Saves The Day"