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Klay World: Green and Red is the penultimate Klay World episode before Klay World: All Gone.


The episode begins with two klaymen standing in front of the bank. One of the men notice the cop and burglar from the previous episode, Klay World: Bank Robbery, still holding their hands up, and goes to ridicule them. The other man is then approached by two klaymen, one green and one red, and recognizes their differences. The klaymen reveal that they are the last of their kinds, the other members of their race having been eliminated over the course of the series. The two say that they have been hiding and have finally returned, believing that Klay World has changed and ready for another chance. The klayman delights them by stating that they may likely be accepted by society now.

The klayman's friend plays around with the officer, trying to tickle him. His tickle ultimately overwhelms the cop, forcing him to shoot his gun. The bullet causes a ceiling fan blade to collapse on the other three klaymen, killing the red and green klaymen. They notice the klaymen and, not knowing they were killed, realizes their rarity and need to be preserved.



Klayman 1: "Where are the others? I want to meet them. Where are they?" Green Klayman: "I just told you. We're the last of the red and green klay people." Red Klayman: "Everyone else is dead."

Klayman 2: "Tickle!"

Klayman 2: "Hey, those guys are red and green. That's pretty rare, we've got to make sure nothing bad happens to them."