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Klay World: Off The Table


Directed By:
Robert Benfer
Produced By:
Robert Benfer Jason Steele
Written By:
Robert Benfer
Music By:
Man On Earth, Astronaut, Pram Maven, Four Assholes Killing Time, Robert "Knox" Benfer, Thomas Mears, Matt Fennel, Hamilton Kleverdon & Josh Britt
Release Date:
October 25, 2005
$1,000 (according to imdb)
94 Minutes, 36 Seconds
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Klay World: Off the Table is a 2005 American claymation comedy film. The film was directed by Robert Benfer, and stars Benfer, Sammie Penrod, Jason Steele, Tyler Vandenbergh, Tom Fulp, Randy Solem, and Nikki Benfer. The movie received positive reviews.


A klayman named Chip Brown feels overshadowed by his Uncle Brown, who invented the time travel hat. He and his best friend, Rick the Prick, a klayman that has so many peircings that he can barely speak, are talking one day when they see a presentation going on. The presentation is being held by a doctor named Dr. Bob, who has a great reputation despite killing all of his patients, and a klayman named Mr. Black, who is supposedly the smartest klayman in Klayworld. They announce that Smiling Gary, a klayman that permanently smiles and laughs, was listening to his radio when it detected an alien transmission, proving for once that there is life outside the table that is Klayworld. Because of this, they are going to build a truck and leave the house to find the aliens. After the presentation disperses, Chip tells Rick that they should go on the adventure, when they hear a second alien transmission on the radio.

The next day, Dr. Bob and Mr. Black, along with a hyperactive klayman named Pick, are making plans for how they are going to find the aliens. Chip and Rick approach them and ask to come with them, but they refuse. Chip breaks down in tears, explaining that he feels overshadowed by his uncle. Mr. Black tells Chip that he invented the time machine, and Chip’s uncle stole it and passed it off as his own. Chip makes a deal with Mr. Black: if he lets Chip and Rick come with them, Chip will tell him his Uncle’s whereabouts. Mr. Black agrees.

The next day, the group attempts to create a truck, but fail miserably. They decide to order one off of the internet instead. The next day, at the going away assembly, Mr. Black announces that He, Chip, Pick, and Smiling Gary will leave, while Dr. Bob will stay at the table and work communications. Rick asks why his name was not called, and Mr. Black responds explaining that there are only four seats in the truck. The group leave, with Rick furious. Dr. Bob tells Rick that whenever he is mad, he throws an axe in another klayman’s face. He throws one at another klayman’s face, but the klayman survives and doesn’t notice the axe.

A handyman named Marv and his armless assistant build a communication device, but they realize that they do not have a big enough antenna to communicate. Marv sets out in a search for a bigger antenna. While he is looking, a large crowd gathers around the device. Dr. Bob appears and tells them to back off. One of the klaymen in the crowd begins having a heart attack, and the crowd pressures him the show off his skills and help the dying klayman. Dr. Bob kills the klayman, exposing him as a fraud, and he flees the table in a panic.

Meanwhile, Chip, Gary, Pick, and Mr. Black encounter many things that they are confused about, like stop signs, birds, and rain. While they are driving, Chip sees Mr. Black’s plans for finding the aliens, which are nothing but random lines. Chip asks Mr. Black what their plan is, and Mr. Black reveals that he has no plan for finding the aliens. Chip leaves the car in anger, and Mr. Black tries to apologize. Chip insults him in response, and Mr. Black goes insane and tries to run Chip over with the truck. Chip jumps out of the way at the last second, and the truck falls down into a concrete ditch. Chip walks down the ditch and finds out that Mr. Black was fatally wounded by the crash. In his dying moments, Mr. Black asks Chip to go back to the table, get the time machine and make sure that Chip’s uncle never steals the time machine from him. Night falls, and everyone sleeps in the truck, having a new objective.

The next day, back at the table, Marv finds an antenna and has the armless guy put it up. Back off of the table, the group realizes that the side of the ditch is to steep to drive up, so they will have to go around it. Chip finds the walkie-talkie in their car and manages to communicate back to the table. Everyone, including Dr. Bob, who ended up being called back to the table by Chester, an exited, long-armed klayman, gathers around the communication device. Chip tells them about their plan to go back to the table, and everyone abandons them, with Rick stepping onto the walkie-talkie. Chip continues, more determined than ever. They manage to get around the ditch, but end up on a busy road. Gary falls out of the truck and gets run over, killing him, and Chip drives the truck onto train tracks, believing that they are safe. A train comes, and Chip jumps off of the truck. Pick stays in the car and covers his eyes in fear. The train hits the truck, destroying the truck and killing Pick.

Back on the table, everyone is going about their usual buisness when the aliens show up. Their leader, King Womp, reveals that they travel all over the world, recruiting klaypeople and bringing them back to their ship. However, this race of klaymen is one of the worst they have ever seen, so they decide that they are going to tear them apart and rebuild them from the ground up with better bodies and with eternal servitude to King Womp. The klaymen panic and many of the klaymen are captured, including Marv and the armless one. Dr. Bob, Rick, and another extremely annoying klayman manage to escape and hide behind a pair of pants. King Womp discovers them and takes Rick, with Dr. Bob and the other klayman escaping. They find the other remaining klaymen, and they decide to fight back against the aliens.

Meanwhile, Chip decides to make the trip back home on foot,, but slowly begins to lose faith in his ability to get back. Back at the table, the klaymen manage to defeat all of the aliens except King Womp. King Womp, in return, kills all of the klaymen except for Chester, Dr. Bob, and the klayman with the axe in his face, and badly wounds the remaining ones. Chip manages to make it all the way back to the hous, and finds the remaining klaymen. Dr. Bob explains the situation to Chip. At that moment, Chip’s uncle returns from a time-travelling trip, and Chip scolds him for stealing the time machine. Chip and Uncle Brown attempt to use it, but Rick appears, having been re-built by King Womp. Rick hits Uncle Brown, and the time machine lands on top of a T.V.

Rick kills Chester, but Chip manages to push him off of the table, presumably to his death. King Womp appears and chases Chip as he climbs up the T.V. Dr. Bob takes the axe out of the klayman’s face, killing the klayman, and throws it at King Womp. It hits him, and he falls into the communication device, electrocuting and killing him. Chip makes it all the way up the T.V., but Rick appears again, revealing that he survived the fall. He grabs the time machine and says that he’s going to go back in time to make sure that the aliens win. He puts on the hat, but Pick suddenly drives through the window, revealing that he survived. He drives the truck into Rick, impaling him on the flag that they attached to the truck at the beginning of the movie. Unfortunately, this ends up destroying the time machine.

Chip and Pick manage to convince Dr. Bob to re-build the dead klaymen, showing that he is actually a decent doctor. After one final presentation about how because of them, no other klayperson would ever have to go through what the went through, everyone has a dance party. The camera zooms out, revealing that the door outside is still open.


  • Robert Benfer – Chip Brown, Dr. Bob, Mr. Black, Pick, Smilling Gary, Rick the Prick, Marv, Various Voices
  • Sammie Penrod – Vince
  • Jason Steele – King Womp
  • Tyler Vandenbergh – "Brainy" The alien
  • Tom Fulp – Tougne Alien
  • Randy Solem – Twin Aliens, Wagon, Freddy
  • Nikkie Benfer – Nick Mcinzee
  • Steven Nathan – Question Klayman
  • Rany Solem, Dan Paladin, Aland Saunders – Klaymen under attack
  • Tyler Vandenbergh, Sammie Penrod, Brady Lowery, Bryce Cook, Shawn Haney, Bill Williomson, Sean Maguire, Dan Harkins – Various Voices
  • Chuala the Dog - Herself


Plans that Robert Benfer was working on a full length movie were posted on Benfer's website in 2004, though according to him, it was going to be a zombie movie. After a while with no mention of the movie, Benfer posted an update on October 9, 2004. The zombie movie he originally planned was never mentioned again and the movie he was talking about was a movie based on his claymations. At the time, many things about the "Klay Movie", as Robert Benfer called it, were different from the finished product. The movie was going to feature "an invasion" and was to include many characters who ultimatly didn't appear in the finished product, including characters named Chris, Frank, Protester, etc. The movie was to feature appearences from the Boogie Monster, Peter The Pickle, and Professor Bob. 

The Film was originally planned to be a B-movie style horror film, with special effects done by Jason Steele. Benfer started working on the "Klay Movie" script in November 2004. While writing it, the film was titled "Klay World: The Invasion". This title was scrapped, however, after a short lived, incomplete Klay World Flash game was titled by the same name. The entire original script was rewritten in late 2004. The new script became the final product with some improvised dialog.

The film entered pre-production in January 2005, and filming began in February 2005. Benfer continued to make internet shorts about Klay World throughout the process of making the movie. The film was completed by September 2005 and was released on DVD on October 25, 2005.


The soundtrack was available for download on when the movie first came out and received its own web page. The songs "Murder of Crows", "Dripping Taps", "Ultra Fuck" and "Sneak" were not featured in the downloadable soundtrack.

Track no. Song Title Author / Band Length
01 Anywhere But Here Man On Earth 00:05:28.907
02 At The Rave Inn Pram Maven 00:04:53.528
03 Blue Hands Robert "Knox" Benfer 00:03:29.554
04 Chemical Drag Astronaut 00:04:05.498
05 Cryin' Out Loud Astronaut 00:03:14.818
06 Fat Kat F.A.K.T. 00:06:12.924
07 It Feels Like Man On Earth 00:05:07.688
08 Grow Man On Earth 00:03:47.528
09 Julia 84 Astronaut 00:03:52.328
10 Lackluster Man On Earth 00:03:18.687
[Unknown Track] Murder of Crows Thomas "Chainsaw Massacre" Mears 00:03:58.271
[Unknown Track] Dripping Taps Thomas "Chainsaw Massacre" Mears ??:??:??.???
[Unknown Track] Ultra Fuck Roxor ??:??:??.???
[Unknown Track] Sneak Matt Fennell 00:02:13.381

Alternate editions

2005 edition

The third DVD related to the series was Klay World: Off the Table, which was released in 2005. The DVD sold very well and made Benfer over $80,000. It included two commentary tracks, one featuring Robert Benfer and the other featuring both Robert Benfer and Nikkie Benfer. It also included the teaser and the trailer for Klay World: Off The Table, two shorts from the main series [Hotdog Job parts 1 & 2 and I'm Not Your Friend Anymore] along with alternate dialog scenes for Dr. Brown and Chester the Long Armed Guy. This edition of the DVD featured two introductions, the unique animated Newgrounds intro created by Stamper followed by the "Klay Earth" title sequence featuring clips from the final cut of the film. While it is the most scarce version, it is widely considered the best edition among fans.

2007 edition

The DVD was re-released with a different cover in 2007 and was available on . The re-release featured a sequel to the Klay World Series DVD documentary, Outside The Knox 2. However, this version removed the two commentary tracks, the two shorts, the two alternate dialog scenes, the online teaser and trailer, the Newgrounds intro made by Stamper and the Klay Earth intro. Despite the addition of Outside The Knox 2, the addition of three deleted scenes from the original cut and a video tutorial on how to make a stop motion animation, this version of the DVD is considered the most lackluster and sterile since it effectively stripped away all the supplementory content from the previous version. The film itself was also altered in this version; the music during the scaling shot of Rick's corpse resting at the base of the flag pole was changed from a drumbeat to a violin chord, the scene is also shortened causing to film to be 1 hour and 29 minutes instead of 1 hour and 30 minutes, this release as well as the 2012 release has the original Knox's Korner logo plastered by the 2006 logo. Since this version was released after Knox had replaced his PC with a Mac, there exists a hypothesis that since the 2005 edition was homemade down to the DVD art that Knox was unable to maintain the resources from the previous version after obtaining the new computer and had to make a new edition from scratch, however, nothing on the matter has been confirmed.

2012 edition

It was once again re-released in 2012 with a new commentary track and a lower price. The DVD also had a brief limited edition that came with a signed case and a Bloody Klayman figure made by Benfer himself out of hardened clay. The original release cost $25, but was later lowered to $17. The final re-release and the current version now costs $8, while the limited edition cost $26. Because of its availability and its medium delivery in special features, this edition is considered the standard version among fans.

Cancelled Sequels

Klay World 2

In 2007, Robert Benfer announced that he will make a sequel to end Klay World, the film was going to be about "everything in Klay World is gone, the Klaymen have to leave Klay World" but when Youtube initiated it's partner program, Benfer dropped the film and decided to resume making Klay World episodes.

The Rodent

The 4 part mini-series, "Klay World: The Rodent", was intended to be the follow-up to Klay World: Off The Table, though it was never finished. Characters such as Chip, Rick, Pick, Dr. Bob, etc. appeared in the first two parts. For an unknown reason, the final two parts were never made and the story arc was abandoned. Despite the existing rumors that Benfer ceased the project on the grounds that his intended goal with the mini-series was impossible to achieve with the current tools at his disposal, nothing on the notion has been confirmed.


All Gone

The Klay World Series finale, Klay World: All Gone, featured characters that were introduced in Klay World: Off The Table. References and clips from Off The Table were featured as well. This would serve as the substitute for Klay World 2.


The film is rated PG-13, but not by the MPAA, it was PG-13 for violence and some mild language.


  • The short scene in which the two klaymen begin firing at each other is much like the one in The Matrix's Lobby Shootout Spree scene, it also has similar music.
  • The train scene is a reference to Back to the Future: Part III
  • The 2005 DVD is in Widescreen, while the 2007 release is in fullscreen


  • The train changes between scenes.