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"Was the world not ready for Klayton... or was Klayton not ready for the world?" - Klayton's Creator


Klayton is a robot. He is roughly the same size as a regular klayman, but he is grey, and has electronic components on his body. Klayton does not speak and has deadly laser vision, which he uses to kill one klayman. He has also proven to be stronger then the average clay organism, yet having a great capacity for strength, he lacks durability seeing as a solitary shot from a Police Officer was able to bring him down.


He was built by the Creator. Immediately after activation he killed his creator's assistant, Jonathan. He then went on a rampage, killing 4 Klaymen with his tremendous strength and laser vision. Shortly afterwards, he was shot twice in the chest by a policeman, killing him.


Height: 4 Inches

Weight: 118.3 grams


Superhuman Strength: Klayton has tremendous strength, he can rip Klayman apart at the seams with one arm. However his durability is lacking as a single shot from a Police Officer killed him.

Laser beam: Klayton can project a laser beam from his solitary eye, incinerating large portions it's target upon impact.


Klay World: KLAYTON

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