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Knox in a box was Robert Benfer's first attempt at making money on the internet. After achieving mild popularity on, Benfer decided to release a DVD of his most viewed internet shorts. Knox in a box was the result. Very few copies of the DVD were made. It was available from April 2004 to November 2004.


  • Mystery Chest (You Make/Made The Ending!)
  • Knox and Tox's Thanksgiving
  • Don't Take The Newspaper!

Klay World Episodes

  • The Klaymation
  • Glass Of Water
  • Rubber Ducky of Death!
  • Peter The Pickle
  • Boogie Monster
  • The Camcorder
  • Leon and his Dog
  • Henrys Shotgun
  • Dr. Bob
  • Barfight!
  • Newspaper Monster

Special Features

  • 5 New Shorts
  • Commentary On Shorts
    • Glass of Water
    • The Klaymation
    • Boogie Monster
    • Mystery Chest
    • Peter The Pickle