The Benfer Wiki
Name KnoxsKorner1
Type YouTube Channel
Created May 31, 2006
Status Active

KnoxsKorner1 is the Youtube Channel used by Robert Benfer. The channel was created in May 2006 and Robert posts all his videos there. As of April 2013, the channel has over 100,000 subscribers,


The first video posted on Robert's YouTube channel was "Knox Cleans His Room" posted on May 31, 2006. However, this and many of Robert's earlier videos have been deleted, making it seem that his first video was "Hand Guy", uploaded on June 20, 2006. As of late April 2013, it [Hand Guy] has just over 80,000 views. In 2007 Robert started posting his claymations, most notably the Klay World series that he had made since 2004. These videos, which had previously earned him much attention on Newgrounds, became popular on YouTube, with Klay World: Pancake Mines garnering over 5 million views (as of April 2013). Robert continued to make these animations alongside his live-action movies and regularly posted them on his channel. In June 2013, the final episode of Klay World will be posted, marking the discontinuation of the series. Robert continues to post live action videos.