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Leon And His Dog

Leon (Right)

Leon was from the early days of Knox's career, he was a more human-like Klayman that lived among his blue bretheren as if they were one.

He has also been notably Knox's 5th tallest character to have ever been created.


Leon first appeared in Leon and his Dog; he was enjoyed his dog's company yet was increasingly angry that his dog was not at all spectacular in anyway, yet despite this, when his dog became famous and thus he was overjoyed that his dog was useful. 

He next appeared in A ROBOT, he and his friend had created a robot in which had angered him, Leon attempted to fight the smaller robot but was tossed around like a ragdoll. a mouse came along, in which he also attempted to fight, a fight that he lossed, he was saved by the Robot and thus the two accepted eachother.

He Later appeared in the Knox Mini-Series, Knox's Klay World, when Klay World summoned it's greatest heroes ranging from his friend, Henry & Newspaper Monster to Dr. Bob & Hulky, he was turned down; despite this when the Monster attacked and defeated Dr. Bob he was quick to react, he wanted to engage the Monster in Hand-to-hand combat but Henry wanted to defeat it with guns. The Monster twisted Leon's legs around forming them into a tail like a mermaids as he put it. Leon was eventually killed but his Dog avenged him by killing the Monster and another Monster that had appeared.


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Leon has shown to be very stubborn, despite being similar to a human, he has the same level of intelligence as that of a normal Klayman and is thus very idiotic, he was also very arrogant and belived himself to be an excellent fighter, yet was no where near the Level of Dr. Bob or Jacob.


Height: 5.5 Inches

Weight: Unknown