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The unnamed robot featured in the music video ROBOTIC. It is played by Nikki Benfer.


Robert created a robot with the hope that people will give him money so he a house and five dogs for himself. The robot appears as a young woman covered in aluminum foil. Immediately after completion it turned on its creator, chasing him through his house. Robert had predicted just this contingency and built a couple failsafes for it. The first was a remotes control which instantly shuts down its systems. However he forgot the batteries, rendering it useless. The second was a button located on the back of its head which does the same job as the remote. It was removed, presumably after the advent of the remote made it redundent.

When the robot finally caught Robert it preceded to press it's hand into his face. Robert then stabbed it in the abdomen with a pair of scissors, appearently killing it.

In his song Robert stated he equipped the robot with a gun though it failed to use this in the course of the video, thus proving that the robot has a incapable fighter and is far from Knox's most powerful character.

Powers and Abilities

Peak Human Strength: The Robot grapped Robert by the face and shoved him against a wall, Robert was unable to budge it until he utilized scissors to stab it with.

Gun: The Robot never uses the gun, and dosen't appear to even consider it.