Red Deer
Red deer
Vital statistics
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Species Red Deer
Gender Male
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Status Deceased by melting
First Appearance Drawing With Robert 3
Last Appearance Unknown

The Red Deer is a "new" species of deer that Robert Benfer designed for his instructive art series Drawing With Robert

It is apparently very similar to what Robert turns into at 2 AM. He roams the city, searching for his girlfriend only to find her with boy named Joey.


True to its name, the Red deer is bright red. It also has four sharp fangs and a pointed tail. Although he only intended to make four legs he became distracted and made nine. Eight are positioned on either side of the creature while the one remainder had to be placed on its back. 


Robert's girlfriend stole his markers to prevent him from making any more art. So he was forced to funnel his artistic energies into clay. 

After it was complete, he set it in the stove for fifteen minutes to harden. Tragically, Robert used the wrong type of clay and the heat melted it. 

Powers and Abillites

Climbing: Robert Benfer has mentioned the ability to transform into a Red Deer at 2 AM. He can crawl up large buildings and move around a city quite quickly.

Vision: Robert Benfer has acute vision in this form, able to see his girlfriend with some guy named Joey.