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Rubber Ducky of Death
Rubber Ducky of Death.png
Vital statistics
Name Unknown
Species Rubber Ducky
Gender N/A
Occupation N/A
Status Deceased
First Appearance Klay World: RUBBER DUCKY OF DEATH
Last Appearance Klay World: RUBBER DUCKY OF DEATH

"The Rubber Ducky of Death" was a living rubber ducky that instantly killed all organic matter it touched. 


During its rampage, the Rubber Ducky managed to murder seven Klaymen. Its final victim managed to crush him beneath a rock, but the Ducky was still capable of knocking him off the Table. Another Klayman found the moving rock, and tossed it in a "rock-cutting-machine", finally killing it. 

Powers and Abilities

Death Touch: Whatever the Rubber Ducky touches, will instantly die. It killed seven Klaymen (possibly inadvertently) with this ability.