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Sammie Penrod
Sammie Wave.png
Vital statistics
Name Sammie Penrod
Born February 21, 1988
Gender Male
Occupation Actor
Status Active

Sammie Penrod is the best friend of Robert Benfer and is featured in a number of his short films. Like Robort, he often plays himself.


Height: 5'9

Weight: Likely 230lbs

Fictional biography

Sammie commited suicide with a handgun in Sammies Big Surprise!, yet appeared alive again in The Noise. He was the first guest of Robert's talk show, Benfer Time with Robert Benfer and has acted as the co-host in almost every episode. In the Cooking Episode, he poisoned Robert through spaghetti in bread, due to him wanting to quit the show. In the Interactive Episode, Connor became the new host and a goodbye montage showed how Sammy did very little with his time on the show.

In Thanksgiving Dinner it was revealed that Sammie is capable of giving birth. He has done so at least three times to date although one baby has already died from being left in a washing machine.  


Sammie has surprising strength, as he beat down Robert and Conner with minimal difficulty. And no matter how many times he is killed, Sammie will always come back, and judging by his emergence in First Kiss, it is likley that his power increases with Resurrection. He can exist outside all of reality as Antonio.


  • Sammies Big Surprise!
  • The Noise
  • A Tattoo
  • Thanksgiving Dinner
  • Business Dinner
  • Benfer Time Episode 1: Make over
  • Benfer Time Episode 2: Belly Button Game
  • The Bowl
  • Robert's Car
  • Race Car Fantasy
  • The Visitor
  • Benfer Time Episode 3: Animals
  • Benfer Time Episode 4: Jason Steele
  • Robert's Cartoon House
  • Benfer Time Episode 6: Cooking Episode
  • Robert's Cartoon House: Toilet
  • First Kiss: Part I
  • First Kiss: Part II
  • Benfer Time Episode 8: Movies
  • Benfer Time Episode 9: Anniversary Special