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Santa Claus is the living embodyment of Christmas. He listens to the Christmas wishes of children and makes a weak attempt to grant them.

His personal assistant is an elf named Christine . Unlike the actual Santa his catchline is "OH OH OH" rather than "HO HO HO".

This Santa also has a poor understanding of what pistachios are and a violent hunger for milk and cookies. Once whenhis cravings were not satisfied he assaulted Christine. 


Height: 5'11 (As a God he can make it much higher)

Weight: 176lbs


Christmas Embodiment: Santa Benfer embodies Christmas, he is likley immune to cold, can induce joy and party craze in others. He can also manipulate winter to no end.

Anti Clause Capabilities: Being a holiday entity, he does possess Anti-Clause capabilities such as Superhuman Agility, balance, climbing, dexterity, endurance, jumping, speed and the ability to induce fear in other.


  • Santa Benfer!