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"Smiling Gary, everybody! He's a very happy guy." ~ Mr. Black

"Smiling" Gary was a supporting character in Klay World: Off the Table. This was his only appearance in the show; he was one of the only permanently-killed Klaymen in the movie (along with Mr. Black).


Smiling Gary alerted Mr. Black to the Peach Aliens, who he discovered while listening to his pink radio.

During a large meeting called by Dr. Bob about the alien incident, Mr. Black called Smiling Gary to the stage to explain what he saw. Gary then gave a very brief story, giving no useful information aside from "An alien started talking to me."

Mr. Black and Dr. Bob allowed Smiling Gary to join them on their expedition to find these aliens, along with Pick and later Chip and Rick, because of the role he played in discovering them.

Gary did little of use during the failed expedition, spending most of his time getting on Chip and Mr. Black's nerves. He generally seemed to have little understanding of what was going on, if any.

When Chip realized he needed to return to the Table to use Dr. Brown's stolen time machine, they rushed back to the Table in the Jeep. Unfortunately, Smiling Gary fell out of the open-roofed vehicle on a busy highway, where he was promptly run over by a van. Because he died so far from the Table, he was never rebuilt.


"I, uh... I got caught in traffic... Heh-heh, I'm just joking!"

"I forgot my flip-flops."

"It's probably just the aliens... giving us something to drink." (reaction to rain)

"No, you stop! ... No, you stop! No... No, you stop!" (to a stop sign)