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Socktropolis: Suicidal Sock
Video no. N/A
Air date December 17, 2010
Written by Robert Benfer
Storyboard by Robert Benfer
Directed by Robert Benfer
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Suicidal Sock is the 2010 video for Robert Benfer. This video is the second episode for Socktropolis.


Some times socks get depressed and want to just end it all.


The episode begins with a depressed looking sock (Robert Benfer) staring at a cup and a gun. Afer sighing a couple times, he stick the barrel of the gun in his mouth and pulls the trigger. Blood sprays the wall behind him and the sock, still alive, screams in agony. The sock then proceeds to bang his head on the table, knocking over the cup and the gun. He suddenly stops screaming and calmly says, "Well, I'm never gonna do that again".

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