The God of Hotdogs

The God of Hotdogs

Food Deity
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The Hotdog Job

The God of Hotdogs is a Klayman with minor magical abilities. He is not actually a god, but claims to be.


The God of Hotdogs is a generic-looking klayman with a twisted antenna sticking out of his head. The purpose of the antenna is unknown. His voice inexplicably echoes whenever he talks, which is the main reason people think he's a god.

He carries a toothpick which seems to be the source of his magical powers as well as a stabbing implement.


God of Hotdogs 2

When he learned of a failing hotdog stand he made an offer to the employee running the stand that he would make its hotdogs tastier with his magic. Unfortunately, he mistakenly brought the hotdog to life, due to him not actually understanding how to use his magic. He explained that he didn't actually know how to turn it back.

The living hotdog then smashed itself through his chest and his head. He tried to kill the hotdog by stabbing at it with his wand, but only ended up stabbing himself. The god then decided to go home, only for the hotdog to leap through his head - performing a trick apparently - and he falls dead.

Although he initially appeared dead, he was shown to actually be alive when he told the hotdog to get off of him later in the video. His fate after this is unknown.


Height: 4 Inches

Weight: 113.4 grams


Magic: He appears to be able to give Hotdogs life and survive being torn through by said hotdog, he likley hasn't mastered his skills and given the All Gone Incident he likley never did yet if he honed it he could have been among the absolute most powerful Klaymen in history, sadly he's just average.


"I'm gonna cast a little spelly here on this here hotdog to make it taiste better! Everybody will love it."

"I don't smell any fear on you. You are one brave hotdog. I will give you that. I will give you that. Yes, I will."


  • Klay World: The Hotdog Job