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The Newspaper Monster
The Newspaper Monster getting knocked down by an unnamed man who feels guilt in front of him.
Vital statistics
Name Unknown
Species Klayman
Gender Male
Occupation None
Status Alive
First Appearance Newspaper Monster
Last Appearance The Sale

The Newspaper Monster is one of the earliest characters of Klay World and he is always seen being addicted to papers.


The Newspaper Monster is an average tall, thin yellow humanoid with small round eyes and a beak-like mouth with his tree frog-like head.


The Newspaper Monster

The Newspaper Monster first appeared in this episode with the same name. He was repeatedly warned by a stick-wielding man not to steal his newspaper, yet he does so anyways. The man is provoked and hits the Monster with his stick, causing The Newspaper Monster to collapse. The man retrieves his newspaper, but begins to feel guilty about the monster. When he looks back while leaving, the Newspaper Monster appears to disappear and was actually sneaking behind the man. The monster then attacks him by roaring, shredding his face off, biting his body parts off, and throwing him to the wall, breaking his body to pieces.