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"Still want a sandwich..." - Zack, after having his head Telethically exploded by his friend.

Zack, as he appears in 'Telethy'.

Zack is a Klayman.


Zack is shown to be rather skeptical; when his friend tells him that he can speak Telethy, Zack quickly asks for proof. Even after his friend accidentally kills another Klayman, Zack still isn't convinced. He is also shown near the end of the video to be fond of sandwiches.


Zack, after having his head Telethically exploded by his friend.

In 'Telethy', Zack's friend tells him that he can speak Telethy. When Zack asks for proof, his friend greets another Klayman nearby. Startled, the Klayman falls off the table to his death. Still not convinced, Zack asks his friend to speak telethy to him. Zack's friend agrees, and proceeds to telethically ask him if he would like a sandwich, prompting Zack to become obsessed with sandwiches. To eradicate the obsession from Zack's mind, his friend focuses hard, and forces an immense amount of information into Zack's head, causing his head to explode. Despite his likely-fatal injury, Zack is unfazed, and states that he still wants a sandwich.

Zack also makes an appearance in the 'Klay World Super Jam Mix 2012'.


Height: 4 Inches

Weight: 113.4 grams


  • It remains ambiguous as to whether Zack survived having his head exploded. He seems unfazed, and does not appear to be hindered at all by his injury. However, a wound of that magnitude would almost-certainly be fatal, and his speech could simply be his dying-words.
  • Zack's figure was later auctioned off, including his exploded head.



  • "I want you to Telethically say to him; 'Hello.'"
  • "Actually, yes. I would like a sandwich."
  • "Got sandwiches on the mind."