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A trio of Zombies, as they appear in 'Klay Holloween'.

Zombies are the mysteriously-resurrected corpses of deceased Klaymen. They lack competent intelligence, and are seemingly incapable of speech, instead communicating via unintelligible screams and groans. The Zombie affliction has been shown to spread through bite-wounds, which is exacerbated by their ravenous cannibalism of still-living Klaymen.

Zombies can sustain large amounts of damage (including bisection), but they can be killed if their brains are sufficiently damaged. Zombies are also shown to have unnatural strength, as shown by one of them managing to partially-decapitate a Klayman with a single punch.

'Klay Holloween'

In 'Klay Holloween', a trio of Klaymen are attacked by a trio of Zombies on the titular holiday, Holloween. Two of the Klaymen are killed and devoured by the Zombies, only for the sole-survivor to retrieve a revolver, which he promptly uses to kill all of the Zombies in the area, as well as his zombified friend. Another Klayman arrives, and begins accusing the survivor of murdering his companions, only for him to be ambushed by the final zombie; the survivor's recently-made acquaintance, which he promptly guns down.

Despite having been bitten, the new Klayman does not zombify for ambiguous reasons (apparently because the Klayman believes that dressing-up for Holloween is "just a big waste of time", echoing the words of the survivor's former-friend earlier), only for him to also be killed when the survivor's revolver suddenly discharges into his face. Whether the new Klayman's death was a genuine accident, or if the survivor murdered him to ensure that he did not zombify is unknown.


Height: 1-4 Inches